The Most Popular Games Of Chance

A game of chance in the world of casinos is a game that is strictly ruled by the theory of probability: there is no way of the house of the players to alter the eventual outcome of whichever game is being played. This probability, also known as risk, is what provides the thrill of playing – the unpredictability of it all can be intoxicating, especially when there’s the potential of winning money if the odds are in the player’s favour.

There are plenty of different games of chance to choose from, almost all of them offered by both online and physical casinos, and each providing a unique experience. Read on to learn about the most common games of chance and how they work.

Luck Vs. Skill

Before we dive into which games of chance are the most played, it’s important to distinguish between a luck-based game and a skill-based one. Poker is the perfect example: it’s the most popular game of cards in the world, and although the hand that the player receives is very much dependent on luck, they are able to employ experience, different strategies, and learned talents to sway the odds into their favour. While it’s not always possible – sometimes a player just gets a terrible hand – more often than not a skilled poker player will be able to exert some measure of control of the outcome of the round they’re playing.


Played on a large table and with a spinning wheel, roulette is a true casino classic, and the kind of game that James Bond would regularly indulge in. Roulette, despite the many strategies that players often employ, is widely regarded as a true game of chance. When betting on a colour or number – of combination of the two – there is simply no way the player is able to alter where the ball lands once the spin has come to an end. The control is out of the player’s and house’s control, meaning that it’s totally up to chance to decide what will happen.


Slots come in a range of varieties, from small fruit machines at petrol stations, to massive, multi-reel 3D platforms that can contain half a dozen mini-games for each round. Like roulette, a fair game of online slots is regarded as totally random. They make use of something called a ‘random number generator’ which is a basic computer program designed to create an outcome based completely on probability. And just like roulette, there is no way that a slots player is able to alter their chances; whichever set of symbols they end up with is out of their hands.


Similar to slots and roulette, the outcome of a craps game cannot be influence in any degree by the players participating in it. Dice are used for playing, and are thrown during a round, meaning that every throw it up to chance and unless the dice are loaded – which is incredibly rare and illegal in almost all casinos – there’s no predicting just how the dice will land once they’ve stopped rolling.