iPhone Poker Hold’em Casino Games

It was not so long ago a person would have scoffed at the idea that they could play iPhone poker hold’em on a portable device, anywhere, anytime. And not only play poker, but poker with others, live, while being able to spend and win real money.

Of course, a number of things had to become possible for such a scenario to exist, not in the least major advancements in wireless internet technology. Today wireless internet is so fast it would make internet users of yesteryear faint in disbelief. And likewise, the power and speed of modern mobile devices is truly a marvel to behold, being over ten thousand times faster then the first computers.

Virtually all casino games, including Australian online pokies can now be played on modern mobile devices, from roulette through to blackjack, and everything in between. The most popular casino game played on mobile devices, and the most popular modern poker game, is Texas hold’em. One of the most popular modern mobile phones is the iPhone, making iPhone poker hold’em the game of choice for modern online gamblers.

Texas Hold’em On iPhone

iPhones are notorious for being reliable and user friendly, and there is no question that they are coveted by those who have bought into the Apple monopoly. They may not, technically, be the best modern phone from an objective point of view, but one cannot deny the advantages they offer. For one, iPhones are waterproof, shockproof, and will stand a great deal more physical punishment then other mobile phones.

For another, since Apple has a tight grip on software offered for iPhones, the devices are far more secure then Android and other competitors. These advantages may be why a large portion of online gamblers are known to enjoy iPhone poker hold’em. The majority of real money poker online America casino games have also been optimised for touch screens, including Texas hold’em, allowing for a smooth user interface and enjoyable play experience. There are, clearly, very few disadvantages to playing poker on in iPhone.

Portability And Restrictions

iPhones are, of course, portable, and have impressive battery life, meaning that easy access to casino games is possible almost anywhere. Standing in queue at the bank? Why not enjoy a few quick rounds of poker? On a long car journey?

Why not have a spin on the roulette wheel? The only real restriction is signal, assuming that a person wants to take part in live games. And even if signal is not available, many of the games are available as single player experiences. Another thing to consider, however, is that Apple is often not cross platform available, meaning that an Apple user may not play with an Android user. This is one of the major restrictions, and certainly a real inconvenience. It will mean a limited number of people to play iPhone poker hold’em with, and may result in not being able to find play partners, assuming that other iPhone users are not signed up to the same game. At the end of the day, however, whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages are up to the individual.