Learn More About Live Casinos Online in NZ

Live casinos are a relatively recent addition to the online casino world in New Zealand. But what exactly are live casinos, and what is the big fuss about them? Live casinos use lightening fast modern Internet technology to stream a live feed of a casino dealer around the world. This means that online players can view the casino dealer in real time, and place bets on the game being played.

In essence, the casino games are no different to the standard versions available online, but for the addition of the human dealer. Having a real dealer doesn’t change the game at all, but adds the immersion often lacking from standard casino games. Many prefer to interact with a real dealer, which gives a much more accurate feeling of being in a real world casino.

Placing Bets on Live Dealer Games

When viewing a live casino game, it will be via a specifically designed online interface. The live game can be bet on in much the same way as a standard online casino game, using provided software. It must be kept in mind, however, that standard online casino games are essentially controlled by the player, meaning that there is never any rush to get bets in before betting time expires.

Given that a live casino game is a real world event, the player is required to get their bet in during allocated betting periods. The game cannot stop, or wait, for a single player to place down a bet. When the live betting dealer announces that bets may be placed, the player must act in this given time.

Interacting With the Dealer

Some live casinos allow interaction with the dealer, via a text based chat system. Betting is done via the built in betting system, so this window is used simply to talk to the dealer. Of course, however, having an important job, the dealer often doesn’t respond to every message. Some live casinos don’t have a chat window at all, so if you want to communicate with the dealer, you may have to visit a particular live casino. Keep in mind that naturally, the dealer is unlikely to respond to rude or abusive messages.

What is a Pit Boss?

In any real world casino a pit boss is on duty. The same is true for live casinos. The pit boss is called when a player has a dispute with something that has occurred during the game. In most cases this is due to the dealer making an unintentional mistake, but the pit boss can be called for any reason a player has a concern.

The put boss will stop the game upon being called, review the situation, and make a decision, on the spot, as to how the game should continue in the most fair way.. Once the pit boss has made a decision it is final, and will not be changed.

Note that the pit boss can be called for any reason, but should only be called when absolutely necessary. If the pit boss is called every five minutes the casino, and other players, are likely to get thin on patience very quickly. Live dealers are extremely professional and very rarely make mistakes.