Know About 3 Ways To Win At Baccarat

Although having a reputation as the game of the high roller, baccarat is really a game suitable for everyone, with no focus on high stakes bets at all.

It is also one of the most simple casino games, with only three betting options. But, regardless of a low variety of betting options, baccarat is an extremely enjoyable and entertaining casino game.

A unique aspect of baccarat is that onlookers can bet on a game, even if they are not currently playing. This means that a number of people can participate in a baccarat hand, simply by placing down bets as another player engages the dealer directly. Don’t worry though; the person playing cannot influence the outcome of the hand in any way. So, you are not betting on the skill of the player, but rather the potential outcome of the hand.

Let’s take a look at the three betting options available in a hand of baccarat.

Baccarat Basic Rules

The player and house draw cards, with the goal to arrive as close to the number nine as possible. If the total of a hand goes over nine, the hand counts only a single digit of the total. So, if the player draws a twelve, the total is counted as two. Remember that the ten and face cards are counted as zero in baccarat. Also remember that the player does not call for extra cards, they are dealt automatically under set rules. The hand closest to nine wins.

Betting On The House

The first betting option, and the one most likely to succeed, is betting on house hand. The house hand is always the most likely to win, with only a 1.6% house edge. It’s only a tiny bit less than the player hand, but small percentages in casino games make a big difference. The downside of betting on the house hand, however, is that the house claims 5% of your winnings. Hey, the casino has to make money somehow, right?

If you don’t like the idea of the house taking some of your cash, however, you can always just bet on the player hand.

Betting On The Player

Betting on the player to win has you facing a 1.24% house advantage. A minor difference to the house bet, but as we said, small percentages add up quickly in casino games. The enormous upside, however, is that there is no house commission if you win betting on the player hand. As with all crazy luck casino games, there are pros and cons to both betting options. More chance of winning, versus more per payout.

If you’re feel like living dangerously, there is a third online betting option.

Betting On A Tie

Betting on a tie and winning gives an enormous payout, one that is certainly worth considering. But the enormous downside is that he house edge on this bet is a rather intimidating 15.75%. It almost makes the bet not worth your time, were it not for the huge amount of cash to be won of the bet succeeds. In most case, betting on tie is not recommended. Keep in mind, however, that a tie will occur every now and again.