Cool Cat Casino Introduction

A Quick Introduction to Cool Cat Casino

Cool Cat Casino is not exactly an especially well known or acclaimed online casino, and the name itself is even likely to get a few scoffs. Cool Cat Casino is, after all, a name that has a certain amount of inherent corniness. But, give this little known online casino website a few minutes of your time and you might find it is less deserving of scoffs then you might think.

First of all, Cool Cat Casino is one of only a few online casinos that are literally almost completely without borders. Be you a United States resident, United Kingdom resident, Australian resident, New Zealand resident, or a European, Cool Cat Casino is ready and willing to accept your currency. There is, after all, nothing more annoying then an online casino telling you your currency is no good. Plus, with the digital establishment making a big push to attract more attention, you can also expect massive bonuses in the US and beyond at Cool Cat Casino. And lets be honest, little makes a casino truly as cool as the ones that offer players the biggest bonuses.

Variety of Games

So the promise of massive bonuses in the US and beyond at Cool Cat Casino got your attention, but what does the establishment actually offer? Let’s have a look. Cool Cat Casino has gone out of its way to provide a wide variety of casino games, and in simple terms, if you want it, Cool Cat Casino very likely has it, or at least a variation of it.

There are hundreds of slot games, both retro and modern, as well as all the expected table games, including blackjack, roulette, poker and more. The website itself claims to have one of the biggest table game selections ever, and although this is likely not the case, you can’t fault Cool Cat Casino for having enthusiasm in spades. There is also a selection of speciality games, which is always welcome at any online casino. But what about that promise of massive bonuses in the US and beyond at Cool Cat Casino? Let’s have a look at some of the bonuses on offer.

Online Cool Cat Casino Gaming

Bonus and Welcome Specials

You’ll be please to know that the website goes the whole nine yards to live up to the promise of massive bonuses in the US and beyond at Cool Cat Casino. The guaranteed welcome bonuses themselves may not be particularly mind blowing, and are a fairly standard affair, but what makes Cool Cat Casino stand apart is the potential for a ridiculous one thousand percent matching bonus. You didn’t read that wrong. Upon joining with Cool Cat Casino there is the chance to get one thousand percent added to your initial buy in amount.

The trick is, of course, that this amount is not guaranteed, and is instead awarded at random. A little sneaky, perhaps, but few casinos dare to even consider such an amount. There are also daily and monthly promotional deals running on a regular basis, with the monthly variety promising thousands in bonuses prizes dedicated players.