A Guide To Golden Peach Slot Quick Fire Aristocrat Slot Online

Fans of spinning reels choose online slots over other popular casino games for many reasons. Free slots provide constant online entertainment without the cost, intense bonus rounds and exclusive fun features; on the go, convenient entertainment; as well as large jackpots and payouts.

An online slot game becomes even more appealing to players when it is created by the best game developer in the world, offering all the bells and whistles associated with the brand.

With the Golden Peach Quick Fire Aristocrat slot, players not only enjoy the common benefits of slot games, but they also get to enjoy the added features and technological advancements associated with Aristocrat, and to top it all off, they’ll stand the chance of winning the popular Quick Fire progressive jackpot – and it’s just peachy. So what are the Quick Fire jackpots exactly?

Before detailing the Golden Peach Quick Fire Aristocrat and all the ins and outs of this fantastic slot, the Aristocrat’s famous jackpots are explained. The Quick Fire series comprises three different jackpots found in separate, but similarly entertaining, slot games.

Quick fire is as it reads: quick jackpots. No need to play lengthy bonus rounds or play the in-game features to attain the winning prize. Simply, line up five correct jackpot-awarding symbols on the reels without having to use the wild symbol and claim the jackpot available in that slot game. The Quick Fire jackpots are made up of minor, major and progressive jackpots.

The important jackpot to note here is the progressive jackpot featured in the Golden Peach Quick Fire Aristocrat slot game. This grand progressive jackpot continues to grow with every Golden Peach slot fanatic placing a bet and spinning the reels, with a slight percentage of each of the stakes added to this ever-growing jackpot in real time.

A Visual Feast From The Onset

From the onset, players are immediately immersed into an aesthetically pleasing, Asian-themed virtual world. As a slot from Aristocrat, the Golden Peach Quick Fire Aristocrat slot follows the developer’s traditional slot look and feel, with five reels and four symbols on each reel nestled in a neat design, but despite its simplistic layout, the slot still offers an online visual feast for players.

With Asian décor and motifs decorating the game from screen corner to screen corner, a Far Eastern woman gracing the reels in detailed visuals, pleasant music and eye-catching golden fruit icons and other attractive reel symbols, the Golden Peach Quick Fire Aristocrat slot surely is one of the top visual online slots on any virtual casino floor.

This action-packed slot really brings the Oriental to life with its added explosive in-game animations that occur when symbols land in a winning combination and burst out of the reels and onto the screen.

A Peach Of A Winning Slot

With 50 paylines, this slot is certainly a peach of a winning slot. Besides the Quick Fire progressive jackpot, players can also win peachy payouts during the entertaining bonus round. In this fun slot feature, players receive free spins. The amount of free spins awarded depends on how many scatter symbols line up on the reels.

Making this bonus round even peachier is that the wild symbol on the last reel appears throughout the bonus round making for profitable wins.  One thing which truly makes the Golden Peach Quick Fire Aristocrat slot different to other online machine slots is that players need to play all 50 paylines every time they spin the reels, but all players can enjoy this game as wagers vary from high to low.